BPC Offshore Green Power Portfolio

This is our flagship product, the ultimate blockchain instrument that renders any ICO unworthy of mention, denominated in Blaze Power Corporation™ BPC shares not Bitcoin. Be further advised that Blaze Power Corporation™ is the only company in the world that has fully demonstrated a commercial self sufficient 100% efficient alternative and reliable energy source and whose CEO is still alive today to tell the tale. This power source does not require any depletable fuel or power source and thus has absolute zero overhead running costs making it ultra lucrative from an investment perspective. Bitcoin Private Bank™ is the exclusive intermediary for all Blaze Power Corporation™ shares and only mandate to that regard. It is no secret that the market share of Blaze Power Corporation™ alone is well over a billion Bitcoins and probably even trillions in conventional fiat currency equivalent of such a humble estimate in the next 5 to 6 years alone on maximum roll out. Don’t take our word for it Click Here to visit Blaze Power Corporation™ to verify the facts averred. This Portfolio and Account offers you unprecedented returns last seen and even greater than the Microsoft glory days rendering Google or Facebook IPO’s or any other ICO respectively obsolete in comparison in terms of return on investment. This is not a speculative instrument but a tangible product guaranteed instrument. This then is quite simply the quintessential opportunity of a lifetime chance to be part of and to make history. Take note that this product is limited, once all shares are allotted and sold then the fund will be closed to investors thus do not waste time. Make your mark in history and witness unprecedented financial returns on your principal up to 1000% returns guaranteed in 5 years. Impossible? Click Here to find out how.

Minimum investment: ฿ 2.000000 BTC


This is for the discerning individual that does not trust conventional methods of Asset Protection. We offer a bespoke completely legal service in the context of INTERNATIONAL law, this is not money laundering because in our jurisdiction you can buy as many Bitcoins as you want for ANY amount in cash notes no questions asked. If you have a problem with large sums of cash notes in any major currency then this is the product for you. We offer you a discreet service including private airport to land with private hanger, VIP access & escort, the highest security & no questions asked – same day service, no need for immigration clearance you always remain in international NEUTRAL territory in no man’s land – where no STATUTE laws can be breached or applicable. We can handle cash amounts even in the hundreds of millions in any currency or more LEGALLY which will be deposited into your Bitcoin Private Bank™ account & credited as Bitcoin free for you to transact as you wish legally, discretely & above all anonymously. Finer details can be discussed via PGP encrypted Email through our CONTACT US form. Simply paste your PGP Public Key in our form and we will contact you securely to expedite proceedings.

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