In case you are wondering is this all legal? Well the answer to that is absolutely. The founders of the bank are well learned and conversant in law from statute, to contract law even setting precedents in matters pertinent to law and jurisdiction as far as the DOJ that is the Department of Justice in the United States and reason in chief why Blaze Power Corporation and Bitcoin Private Bank™ where abruptly and unlawfully forced offline in an obviously failed attempt. By such accolades justice has prevailed hence Bitcoin Private Bank™ remains a reality over 3 years later as evident void of any complaints. A green clean pollution free future is now guaranteed reality and no longer just a dream

Our goal is to make Green Energy a reality and in the process return the balance of good governance, justice together with freedom and privacy to equilibrium. In other words “balance the scales” and thus you could call us “the balance”. Since your account balance with us is held primarily in Bitcoin not currency we are not subject to the restraints subjected to regular, conventional rather high street banks and thus able to offer you such exceptional products second to none in a completely legal framework. When you make a bank transfer what is actually transpiring in law is that you are simply selling your Bitcoins to us and we are simply authorizing reciprocally and or simultaneously a SWIFT bank transfer to a nominated conventional bank account of your choice as we simply exercise our right to freedom of expression

Since Bitcoins are not tangible or considered assets in the framework of accounting as it exists today there can never be allegations of money laundering either, whether against the bank or yourself thus you are lawfully able to open an account with us instantly without need for ID and any other time consuming and rather irrelevant documentation

Your Bitcoins are truly safe and as if prophets, we accurately predicted over 3 years ago that Bitcoin Private Bank™ could never fail as it was built atop Blaze Power Corporation share and market value which is all but guaranteed to grow in value as many satisfied customers can testify today. The worlds oil reserves are running out, one look at Fukushima today and Nuclear energy is clearly just a finger crossing gamble, a long shot and given the turn around to build such reactors (5-10 years) that argument is settled


Bitcoin Private Bank™ Guarantees all clients prospective and current alike that ALL deposits are covered by our ICSG (Iron Clad Security Guarantee) backed by our unlimited Mega Watt availability. In essence this shall be construed to mean that ANY loss that you may incur as a result of a breach of our systems in any way save for client side negligence are entitled to full cover and reimbursement or full refund in case of any such breach. This is covered in good International (Sovereign) Law and relevant Sovereign Statute Protections

• All Crypto Instruments i.e Bitcoin and BPC Shares are ledgered directly to the Blockchain

• A direct Blockchain ledger renders web server database breaching futile

• Bank wallet Private Keys stored on “stand alone” remote machine which communicates with this server using proprietary encryption

• Stand Alone system only accepts custom proprietary hash commands from servers’ dedicated IP & proprietary encryption

• A full server breach would not allow an attacker access to the Bank wallet key as it is not on this server

• Stand Alone system receives only encrypted hash from server, decodes hash then executes Blockchain transaction independently

• Stand Alone system requires Users unique withdrawal key, Server unique IP and Server encrypted hash before accepting any transaction

• This renders even QUANTUM COMPUTERS completely USELESS and OBSOLETE (even if they manage to build them though doubtful)

• This makes our online wallet & system more secure than the Blockchain itself which needs only your Private Key & your funds are gone

• Passphrase Encryption Security – ARC4PBKDF2 with 100,000 iterations

• 100,000 iterations – stronger than Blockchain

• Passphrase never leaves your browser – only the encrypted hash sum

• 2 Factor Authentication – 2FA Hardware Token stronger than so called “Smartphone”, conventional SMS or Telephone

• Session locked to single IP, no session hijacking possible

• True End to End encryption with Private Certificate generated “offline”

• Certificate generated on Private Server using transparent generator

• NEVER been hacked record spanning over 10 years now

• Private key is only in the possession of Bitcoin Private Bank™ and completely isolated from the regular SSL certificate on the server

• Proprietary Purpose Specific Client Internal Messaging System – CIMS™

• PGP on demand for notices – stay 100% anonymous

• Manual real-time transaction processing, fraud or theft is impossible

• Bitcoin Private Bank™’s legendary 100% no fraud, no loss guarantee

• No API or Backdoor attacks possible, security over speculative convenience

• Transparent – built atop open source, the ultimate open source

• Globally Audited Source* – no Mt. Gox or Bitfinex proprietary issues

• No Particular User Identification Criteria stored – protects your privacy, you can even use a blank or non existent email address (as long as you never forget your passphrase) – 100% anonymity assured

• State of the art Interface with absolutely ZERO traceable user data even a future server Private Key hijack or leak (the notorious mass global NSA/CIA data dredging) would not reveal any user traceable data now or even in a million years keeping you 100% anonymous

Using an open source platform as your e-infrastructure framework and backbone, this was also the strength of Liberty Reserve though few people know this has the advantage of a wide array of scrutiny on a competent and above all non incentivized global scale. Common bugs of the Bitfinex kind are often spotted and thwarted dead in their tracks. Statistics actually prove this principle. The majority of compromised systems are usually proprietary ground up. Our system is built atop open source an already secure platform on its own, then further upgraded for the ultimate in security, which ironically is just like the very Bitcoin itself. This approach would and could have avoided the Mt.Gox and Bitfinex type problems in the first place, wrought from secretive closed quota proprietary systems which rely on the confident arrogance of a hand full of developers versus a wide array of unbiased opinions – a truly democratic approach. To put this into perspective, honestly how can “learned” developers forget to codify a cap on withdrawals resulting in a loophole that allows customers to overdraw Bitcoins they don’t actually have? Such is the problem – no audit. Open source is Bitcoin’s strength too. Incompetence is indeed a close ally of arrogance

These are just a few of the security measures we employ for your added peace of mind, privacy and security, the rest are too numerous to list. In a nutshell your funds and privacy are absolutely secure. Bitcoin Private Bank™ is certainly the way of the future and you are invited…

Welcome to the future of Banking