Why is it that I do not require ID or a Utility Bill to open an account but when I apply for a debit card you do require them

As rightly stated Bitcoin Private Bank™ is here to protect your privacy & rights but unfortunately companies that we subcontract in order to give you this convenience request such pointless procedures & thus we request these to assist you in acquiring your card. This is a "conventional" card network provider requirement not Bitcoin Private Bank™

How does your Referral Program work?

Our Referral Program is simple & straightforward. When you open an account then make your first deposit you will be given the opportunity to specify the details of the person that referred you to Bitcoin Private Bank™. We will then pay to that person 30% of the initial sum you have deposited. Another first from Bitcoin Private Bank™ (emphasis always on straightforwardness & simplicity)

Surely this is a scam, do you expect anyone to believe that you can get 1000% interest in 5 years?

Read "Our Guarantee" carefully. Our interest rate guarantee is actually modest at 1000% we actually predict 5 times that in the next 5 years. Energy is the worlds biggest problem & everyday computing power is increasing as well as industry. Production in Africa now & most parts of the world is hampered not by a lack of business but a lack of power. Blaze Power Corporation has solved the biggest problem of our time with their reactor. Their roll out time (20 times quicker than conventional Nuclear Power yet 1000 times safer) & low cost implementation as well as overhead are the key to their success. Our percentage guarantee is not speculative but based on actual real world fundamentals & factors i.e Blaze Power's production costs, rate of expansion over proposed period in question & the actual UNCONTESTED (emphasis added) current market which is a sellers market. Demand far exceeds supply in every country worldwide thus the real & only mitigating factor is rate of production. Blaze Power also has no direct competitor in this regard

I noticed that you do not require ID or utility bills to open an account. Is that legal?

That is indeed 100% legitimate and legal. Read our Terms & Conditions to get a clear understanding of the legal rights you have to your privacy and how our bank coupled with our chosen jurisdiction, corporate structure and legal expertise protect your fundamental rights to your privacy yet allowing you to bank with us

How long does it take to activate my account?

Account opening is free for 7 days. Account activation (to start transacting) is instant once you make your first opening deposit i.e 1BTC for Current Accounts & Investment Portfolios. Any amount for Savings Accounts

Why should I open a Bitcoin Private Bank™ Account instead of just keeping my own Bitcoins?

The answer to that is simple. If you keep your own Bitcoins the value remains the same, they do not earn interest & if the Bitcoin price falls you lose. However if you are earning interest this can hedge & mitigate against such fluctuations. Further interest earned on your Bitcoins can also mitigate payment fees reducing your money cost considerably (the interest covers the fees). Another major advantage is our "Cold Storage Guarantee". Since our business model is not based on Bitcoin but the Energy Market this means that you can never lose your value or Bitcoins like what happened with Mt. Gox, Bitfinex etc because Bitcoin Private Bank™ has excess liquidity based upon Blaze Power's market & share value without a doubt way in excess of both Microsoft & Google combined (we can even throw in Facebook) which is not in proportion to customer deposits i.e to say customers Bitcoins shall not form the backbone of the entire business like Mt. Gox that had no assets left after their systems breach because the Bitcoins where its entire inventory serving as both assets and operating capital. Our business model is not speculative but tangible this means our guarantee is far better than the cold storage guarantee offered by many exchangers & online wallets. Cold storage is hardware & hardware can be damaged, lost or stolen. Wallet keys can be misplaced, passwords forgotten or lost those entrusted with keys can get deceased & you lose your coins just like that because your coins are their sole revenue stream. Cold storage is not a guarantee at all. Only Bitcoin Private Bank™ is your tangible guarantee based upon a real product & a critical life essential service

Once I buy shares or stock can I transfer them or sell them?

That is the beauty of Bitcoin Private Bank™. Our in house "all under one roof" solution. When you open an account (portfolio) you are automatically assigned an account number, you can transfer shares to any other account holder on the system, trade, buy or sell shares through our simple yet powerful trading platform which indicates the current rates & value of your shares. Our trading platform is like Bitcoin itself i.e it is user driven no middlemen or brokers. Shareholders interact directly with each other and determine the market versus company performance & position. It eliminates speculation & is based upon honest, transparent & above all realistic fundamentals. A new concept like Bitcoin and equally effective because there can never be a liquidity gap or financial crisis scenario

These are just a few of the frequently asked questions. Feel free to CONTACT US for any other questions